Ninja Instruction

Lil' Ninjas (Age 6-8)

Lil' Ninjas will get strong and ready to complete obstacles of various levels. We spend time ensuring they know the best practices while falling so that safety is the number one priority. Our Lil' Ninjas will learn balance, agility, running, jumping, basic tumbling, handstands, hanging/ swinging and more. We will practice diligence, obedience, hard work and dedication. We motivate our Lil' Ninjas through positive encouragement and always make sure they are advancing while having fun. Our goal is to produce strong ninja warriors inside and outside of the gym who can eventually join our competitive team (if selected). See schedule here

Jr Ninjas (9-12yrs)

Our Junior Ninjas will learn the foundations of being a ninja warrior such as safety techniques, running, jumping, explosive movements, tumbling, handstands, swinging, high flying releases, balance, agility, and of course beating the warped wall. We push our Junior Ninjas in a positive and encouraging way that motivates them to want to try harder and never give up. Junior Ninjas will undergo some strict strength and conditioning workouts as well as obstacle skill development as building strength is the safest way to become the best ninja. We train our Junior Ninjas to prepare to overcome obstacles both inside and outside of the gym. Some Junior Ninjas will be able to join our competitive team if selected. See schedule here!

Teen Ninjas (13-15yrs)

Teen Ninjas will learn how to become ninja warriors through strength and obstacle training. We incorporate basics of gymnastics to teach them proper ways to run, jump, swing, hang, have good balance and agility, along with goal-setting skills. We want to prepare our Teen Ninjas for the real-world as this is a pivotal time in their lives building life-skills, team work, lasting friendships while becoming strong and fearless ninjas. Our program will guide them on each obstacle progressing their skills with drills and training so that they can be safe while completing the obstacles at their own pace. If selected, Teen Ninjas can join our competitive team. See schedule here!

Adult Ninjas (16+)

Whether you are looking for a fun workout, a place to meet friends, or are a serious competitor, our Adult Ninja program mixes both physical fitness with obstacle training. The Ninja Community is welcoming and never intimidating. The environment is always positive and fun which is why our goal is to create the Boca Ninja Community! We prepare you to potentially compete on American Ninja Warrior, National Ninja League competitions, Spartan, OCR and/or lose weight and gain strength. Our curriculum will teach our Adult Ninjas the basics of Ninja Warrior training such as running, jumping, explosive movements, agility/balance, coordination and obstacle training. There is something for everyone so there is no level of strength required to join our Adult Ninja Program. Option to join our competitive team if selected.

Ninja Fit

NinjaFit Kids (8-15yrs)

Ninja Fit Kids is a great class to drop in if you can't find the time to commit to our Academy classes but still want in on the Ninja fitness and fun! If you love watching American Ninja Warrior and dream of having that type of strength, this is the place for you! We are so excited to create a Kids Fitness class using all of our obstacles such as the Warped Wall, Floating Steps, Salmon Ladder, Rings, and more to get your kids moving. There is no strength requirement prior to joining this class as there is something for everyone. Our workouts always have multiple options to best fit the level of difficulty you are looking to get out of this class. This is NOT an intimidating hard core workout, it is a fun and welcoming environment where you can challenge yourself at the level you are willing to work at. Our coaches are experts in personal/group fitness training, gymnastics instruction, and are either American Ninja Warrior, Spartan/OCR, or Parkour competitors. Its time to get Ninja Fit! Sign-up here

Open Gym

Open Gym

Open gym offers a unique experience where ninjas have the freedom within the gym to use the obstacles at their own pace with general coaching assistance. Our coaches are on the floor making sure everyone is safe while offering general guidance when you need them (If you are looking for more coaching instruction, join an academy class or take a private lesson). Open gym provides a positive environment to have fun, overcome obstacles, get an amazing workout in all while meeting new friends. Drop In or purchase a package of sessions that can be used for Open Play, Open Gym, Ninja Fit, Adult Ninja, and/or Warrior Women. See our full Open Gym schedule here!

Open Play

Open Play is the perfect time to come with your child and enjoy the obstacles at your own leisure. If you and your child prefer to go at your own pace, then you will love our Open Play. Similar to a playground outside, you can experience all of the fun activities over and over again. Our coaches will be available to give general feedback while ensuring that everyone is safe and having a good time. Enjoy our 5 foot warped wall, baby tunnels, mini trampolines, balance beams, monkey bars, cargo net, flying wheels and don't forget our super fun traverse rock climbing wall. Drop In or purchase a package of sessions that can be used for Open Play, Open Gym, Ninja Fit, Adult Ninja, and/or Warrior Women. See our full Open Play schedule here!

Baby Ninjas

Baby Ninjas (8mos - 2yrs)

​​​​​​​Parents and their Baby Ninjas will have a blast during this one hour session exploring new obstacles, colors and movements. This builds the gross motor skills and strength to stand, walk, run and jump. The mission of this class is to get your baby ninjas having fun, overcoming obstacles and socializing with other ninjas. *Parent Participation Required* See schedule here!

PK Ninjas

Pk Ninjas (2 -3yrs)

We have combined the foundations of gymnastics and ninja into this brilliant Preschool Ninja Program to make it one of a kind in the country! Our curriculum was created with the safety of our ninjas in mind so that we can properly progress the ninjas into developing their skills and techniques. This class will develop gross motor skills such as crossing-the-midline, tempo recognition, body part identification, spatial awareness along with social skills and team work. We use special music that was made in house for dance-along instruction to keep the Ninjas having fun while developing mentally and physically. *Parent Participation Required* See schedule here

PK Ninjas (4-5yrs)

Our curriculum was created with the safety of our ninjas in mind so that we can properly progress the ninjas into developing their skills, strength and techniques. This class will fine tune gross motor skills along with enhance social skills, cooperation and team work. Ninjas will learn the foundations such as running, jumping, hanging, swinging, safety, balance, agility, gymnastics and more. We are preparing our preschool ninjas to advance to our Lil' Ninja Program by training obstacles such as floating Monkey Bars, Unstable Bridge, the Warped Wall, Cannon Ball Alley and more. We also use special music that was made in house for dance-along instruction to keep the Ninjas having fun while developing mentally and physically. *All Preschool Ninjas must be fully potty-trained* See schedule here

Warrior Women

Warrior Women  (18+)

One of the most anticipated classes in Boca Raton, The Warrior Women class is led by 3x American Ninja Warrior Christina Gambino. Her mission is to empower you to overcome obstacles both inside and outside the gym. Christina has experienced many warrior building moments in her life and aims to build strong warrior women along with strong relationships. A place for women to get strong while inspiring each other to overcome all obstacles. The class consists of non-intimidating strength and conditioning training, obstacle skill development, stretching, yoga and breathwork. Join Christina and become a warrior woman today! Sign-up here

Girl Power!

Girl Power (8yrs-15yrs)

Girls Only! This ninja class will empower your ninja gal into believing in herself to overcome all obstacles. We will build strength both mentally and physically while making new friends and having fun. Similiar to our Ninja Fit and Academy class structure, we break down ninja techniques along with implement conditioning elements to strengthen our ninjas to have serious Girl Power! BOOK HERE


Parkour 101 (8 -12yrs)

Parkour is the art of moving over, through, under, and around obstacles, utilizing the natural movements of the human body with freestyle techniques. Incorporating movements, vaults, and climbs, the human body trains itself to overcome obstacles in its path while moving from point “A” to point “B”. We teach how to safely and efficiently move over obstacles in one’s path, around blocks, and through any element. You will learn swinging, jumping, agility, and more with our Parkour 101 class!

Parkour 102 (8-12yrs)

Before signin up for Parkour 102, we require you to take at least one Parkour 101 class. Our instructors work to progress the students and develop their parkour skills such as running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, plyometrics, rolling, quadrupedal movement (crawling). This is a safe space for athletes to learn more advanced parkour movements with padding and mats so that if they decide to take their practice outside, they are equipped to handling the impact.


Tumbling 101 (6-12yrs)

Learn the foundations of tumbling with our gymnastics coaches with years of experience. We teach the basics of technique and skill for rolls, cartwheels, back/front walk overs, handsprings and more. This is a beginner class for the student with no tumbling experience. A great place to have fun and learn how to tumble!