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Qualify for World Finals

at our NNL Competition!

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Feb. 8th 2020 Youth & Adults

The National Ninja League Season is coming to an end with World Championships around the corner February 21st - 23rd 2020. This competition is the last chance for ninjas in the South East region to qualify to World Championships! 

We are hosting this competition for both Youth and Adults, so now is your chance to qualify. We have designed a fun and challenging course where the ninja who goes the furthest the fastest, will take the top prize. 

Do You Have What it Takes? 

  • Ninja Works Athlete ID: you will need your Ninja Works Athlete ID number which can be found HERE to register for our NNL

  • Competitors need both a Season 5 National Ninja League waiver and our gym waiver filled out. If this is your first time competing in an NNL this season, then you will need to fill out a new waiver.

  • Redemption Time is included in the schedule. It’s a time for athletes to go back and try obstacles from the course after their division has ended.